NowThis News app re-design for iOS (2014)

Android app re-design (2013)

Meme reaction screens, an app feature for the NowThis News app (2014)

NowThis News site re-design proposal, completely focused on promoting the app and social media presence (2014)

NowThis News site re-design proposal with carouseling app promo and editorial content (2014)

NowThis News micro-site to expand branding identity. See live site or Mashable write-up (2013)!

Logo proposal for a series on comedians having meaningful conversations in public restrooms (2012)

Illustration of a camera lens for a video editor's tattoo (2014)

Tablet-friendly music editor (2012)

Illustration for a mechanical engineer in green technology (2012)

Re-design proposal for a real estate company (2012)

Demonstration of user navigation on mobile web news article (2013)

Typography play (2013)

Landing page to showcase all HuffPost mobile apps (2012)

Timeline of editorial and user-generated content around a central event or idea (2012)

Re-design to showcase high-quality food photography and user community activity (2011)

High-profile partnership to feature new theme-based blogs and videos weekly (2012). See live site.

Re-design of HuffPost Women section to house evergreen content and depart from a newspaper-like aesthetic (2011)

Invitation for a board game-themed wedding (2012)

Event promotion for an improv group (2010)

Logo proposal for a gaming community

Collection of ringtone "album cover" promos

Landing page for users to sign-up for gaming service

Various SMS-based services targeted toward non-U.S. residents (2009)

Typographic shirt design for a Boston-based rock band (2008)

Administrative view for a video chat service (2008)

Animation still on different sci-fi inventions and ideas conceptualized within literature (2007)

Logo design for a futuristic food pill (2007)

Logo design for a historical site (2006)

Conception of Innovation, shirt design for WIRED's NextFest (2006)

It's a terrible pun.

"Mouth Trap"